5 Easy Christmas Ping Pong Party Games!

5 Easy Christmas Ping Pong Party Games!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to get your ping-pong party ready!

Having your family together for the best season of the year is always so exciting. Exchanging gifts, singing carols, making gingerbread houses and spending quality time with your friends and family.

Playing ping-pong can kick start the party games with a bit of friendly competition. We’ve come up with some fantastic games to add some extra festive fun!

Hole in one!


Photo featuring: MyT10 BlackPocket indoor table


  • Killerspin table tennis table
  • Ping-pong balls
  • 6 Red cups
  • Black marker pen
  • Prizes!

Firstly, mark your cups with the numbers 1-6 and pair them up with the prizes! Using your ping-pong table, lay your cups out on one side of the net in their formation and get your team ready!

Throw your ping-pong balls one person at a time, aiming for the cups to try win your selected prizes. Keep going till you run out of prizes!

Arts and Crafts – make your own decorations!

Ping-pong parties don’t have to be all about action. Take some chilled time and get crafty!



Using coloured marker pens or googly eyes, create a snowman face and carrot nose. To create a snowman hat why not improvise with an empty egg box! Cut out the bottom section, paint it and glue it to your DIY snowman.

Is your snowman a little chilly? Cut some coloured felt into strips and wrap it around the bottom of your ping-pong ball to create a snug scarf.


Shake your ping-pong!


It’s not a ping-pong party without this game! 

Attach an old tissue box to one of your belts at home or you can even use string and tie it around your waist. You can play this in pairs or a big group, the more people the better!

Crank up the music and off you go... shake your ping-pong!

The winner is the first person to shake out all their ping pong balls! 


Straw Relay

This Christmas ping-pong party game only has 4 requirements. A Killerspin table tennis table, ping-pong balls, straws and you!

Have your team players stand opposite sides of your ping-pong table and distribute 1 straw to each person. Remove the net but make sure the top is sturdy.

The starting side will need 1 ping-pong ball each as they’ll be kicking off the relay! After the countdown, the starting side will blow the ping-pong balls using the straws to the next team player. The winning team is when all the team members have blown the ball across the table.

And lastly… a simple yet competitive family ping-pong game!

Whether it’s Mum VS Dad, Grandma VS Granddad, gather around your table and have your own Christmas ping-pong party! What a fantastic way to work off those festive treats!

Grab a paddle and make sure you’re stocked up on ping-pong balls as the loser does the washing up!


It’s time to up your game, hit pause on your festive activities and UnPlugNPlay.

Merry Christmas from us all here at Killerspin UK.